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Epub3 reader source codes

Epub3 reader source code

Get ready to take your store to mobile devices.

Your customers are going digital, so should be your store too! Our white label epub3 reading platform makes it easy to deploy your own branded reading app on Android devices.
As you know, building apps with Epub3 rendering capabilities can be a pain and perform inefficiently across the fragmented market of android devices. Memory constraints and slow CPU conditions make it very hard to achieve Epub3 rendering. Our Epub3 Reader is the result of months of development time and years of optimization, providing you with a mature and performant solution for adding Epub3 rendering capabilities to your Android device.


  • Supports Mathml and CML. 
  • Read-aloud functionality
  • Play videos in epub
  • Javascripts
  • RTL and vertical language support with page progression set to RTL
  • Supports Fixed Layout
Purchase Source codes directly from our secure online store.

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Package Includes

  • Full Java Source code
  • Documentation
  • One Month Support
  • Unlimited Licenses

Demo Video

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